Nutrition Myth: Fresh Produce is Always Better than Frozen

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The truth is, frozen fruits and vegetables can be just as nutritious as fresh.¬† The frozen produce that we buy is generally harvested and packaged at the peak of its ripeness giving it optimal nutritional content. When we buy fruit and vegetables that are not in season locally, they may be picked before they have fully ripened, therefore, not having had the chance to nutritionally develop completely. They may also have travelled long distances and been exposed to heat and light which may cause the loss of some vitamins. ¬†Another bonus to frozen produce is that it doesn’t have all of the added salt and sugar that the canned variety does.

To be clear, this is not to discourage you from buying fresh produce. If your favourite fruit is in season, enjoy its fresh juicy goodness! During the off-season when prices are higher and variety is limited, frozen is a great option to make sure you’re still getting your daily dose of these nutrient rich foods.

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